5 Benefits of Hiring a Design/Build Firm

  1. UNITY IN TEAMWORK. For owners, working with a Design Build firm eliminates the hassle often associated with coordinating construction bids, design development and scheduling of multiple sub-trades. A Design Build firm incorporates all stages of a project; estimating, designing, bidding and build-out process under one entity. This single,unified entity allows for a cohesive design, smooth bidding process and timely construction.
  2. COHESIVE COMMUNICATION. As one entity, a Design Build firm includes all the elements of the design-build process from the beginning stages of the project. The architect, engineer, general contractor and design team work together from day one. Communication between the project team members provides a unified vision throughout the project process.
  3. ACCOUNTABILITY. A unified team plus cohesive communication equals accountability. The blame game between an independent designer, contractor and the sub-contractors is eliminated when a Design-Build firm is hired for a project. The licensed contractor, designer and project team work together to develop a cohesive design, realistic budget and timely schedule.
  4. COST SAVING. Design-Build firms bring all elements of a project under one umbrella. This umbrella structure streamlines the individual aspects of the pre-planning, estimating, designing, scheduling and construction phases of an owner’s project. Design-Build firms save owners time and money that would otherwise be spent trying to coordinate and manage the multiple trades involved in a project.
  5. TIMELINESS. Working with a Design Build firm and the streamlined structure of a single entity allows for a timely completion of your project.  Design and construction phases run concurrently on your project, cohesive communication exists through all phases, and owners manage a single contract with the Design-Build firm. All of these aspects result in timely schedules throughout the course of the owner’s project.