Joint Venture

Prior to establishing Heritage Design & Build Southeast, Gary Gilmer and Erin Shafer met while working on a mutual client’s project in Athens, GA. Gary, a General Contractor and  friend of the homeowners, and Erin, a designer for the client wife for many years, were introduced in the beginning stages of a three phase project. The design/build project consisted of new construction, renovation and interior design work throughout the client’s property. Together the pair realized the extensive connection they had with each other as well as designing, creating and building with passion. The working relationship between builder and designer grew to be an encompassing partnership in all aspects of work and life. Jointly, Gary and Erin began their second design/build project of a custom manor cottage in the Augusta, GA area.

What began as the joint collaboration of Gilmer Development, Inc. and Erin Shafer Interiors, LLC has resulted in the development and creation of their full-service design/build firm Heritage Design & Build Southeast, LLC.

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